Inherently Different

sea to sea

My friend Benja Iglesis has started a blog. In and of itself it wouldn’t be of much interest, but the guy has been all over the world shooting some amazing photographs. He seems to always be at the right place at the right time to capture some amazing things… Aside from being a great photographer, … Read more

girls on film

My long neglected photo gallery has a new album… just some random things I see often. I know that I have once again been neglecting both my image gallery as well as this blog, and I wish I had a valid reason, but truth be told, I have been more bored with myself than I … Read more

don’t let the sun go down on me

The maui film festival recently ended, but not before I had a chance to take yet another in a long line of pictures of sunsets. During the festival this year, we saw two relatively interesting films. The first was I Could Never Be Your Woman and the second was La Môme, or as it is … Read more

rainbow warrior

I have a post formulating in my head, but need a little more time to work it out. In the meantime, you might notice that I am posting more images than I normally do. Well, I am going to try to take advantage of my surroundings and focus my creative energy into more worthwhile pursuits. … Read more

writing on the wall

I wonder what kind of person likes to spray paint their name or mark on things. Are these people so insecure? Are they so in love with their artistic abilities (for lack of a better phrase) that they feel compelled to share with the rest of the world? I know in some of the more … Read more

tree and out

Recently Maui County began building a sort of boardwalk along a portion of Ma’alaea Beach (north of Kihei) adjacent to Kealia Pond. It hasn’t officially opened because, like a lot of things that happen on "island time," it isn’t finished yet. So far, it has been under construction for close to three years. One thing … Read more

the collector

It’s time for another round of “what do you want to see?” Submit your requests for images of just about anything… I’ll post the pictures here for everyone to see. Update: Forgetting that my readership consists mainly of smart-asses, I should have prefaced the aforementioned call for image requests with the disclaimer that the images … Read more

why don’t you get a job

The red queen and I climbed the West Maui Mountains, through a jungle and over a few rickety rope bridges all in the name of exercise. I ran across these guys jumping off a waterfall and into a deep pool. They were having the time of their lives risking them. Sometimes the best experiences are … Read more

The One About Hot Sauce

Daxahol, requested an image of Molokai Hot Sauce and I diligently oblige. This stuff looks volcanic even with the curry, coconut and other flavors cutting it down. They have about 80 different ones from what the Red Queen told me. And here is the daytime view Meimur requested (I live in the green garbage recipticle … Read more