Inherently Different

why don’t you get a job

click for larger imageThe red queen and I climbed the West Maui Mountains, through a jungle and over a few rickety rope bridges all in the name of exercise. I ran across these guys jumping off a waterfall and into a deep pool. They were having the time of their lives risking them.

Sometimes the best experiences are the result of rather risky business. There was a time, standing on a rock ledge some fifty feet above the surface of the baby blue pacific, that I questioned not only my intelligence, but my courage as well.

See, as adults we often choose safety over the unknown. I could have been in the boat with my friends, looking up at the idiot on the rock ledge rather than being the idiot, but I took the path less traveled.

CrossingMy friends in the boat got to see me leap from the ledge and travel, at a speed best measured by a radar gun, through the air into the frothing water below. They took pictures, mainly to show the insurance company that what they claimed happened did indeed transpire just the way they explained on the cause of death forms they were sure they’d have to fill out.

I survived and I have one more story to tell at cocktail parties. Of course, my friends can tell the story
just as well as I can, the difference being that I lived it. Which brings me to my point.

Life is so incredibly short. Why waste it on the sidelines? Take chances… quit your job… follow your dreams… Because in the end, do you want a bunch of great pictures of your friends doing crazy things or do you want your friends having pictures of you doing crazy things?