Inherently Different

The One About My View

Meimur, the lovely host of Socially Inept, asked me to provide an image of my view. Here it is: Okay. I’m kidding. That’s the Iao Needle. I have to admit that I haven’t checked my blog all day so I just got this request. It’s a little before 7 pm here so the view isn’t … Read more

The One About Whales

Living on Maui means that occasionally you have to bite the bullet and do touristy stuff with visitors. The Red Queen’s Uncle Ian and Cousin Lynn are in town and they’re a hoot. Today we went on a whale watching tour with the Pacific Whale Foundation and I came away with some 200 pictures of … Read more

The One About Images

In my spare time, that is when I’m not being sarcastic in my comments to puritans, I like tooling around Maui and taking photographs of things that I find interesting. After finally getting my camera back yesterday, I saw this sunset. It has been pretty difficult these last few months trying to ignore the fact … Read more