Inherently Different

The One Where You Control The Vertical

I’ve seen this done on various blogs and considering that I’m going all over the place taking pictures, I thought I’d give you a chance to decide what you want to see.

So, here’s the deal: Tell me (by commenting here or by email: what you want to see pictures of and I’ll do my best to make it happen. Your requests can be as specific as you like including where I do my blogging or what my new apartment looks like on the inside. I’ll take pictures of specific sights, hotels, landmarks, people if you like stalking by proxy. Now, while some of you might ask for images of me in my bday suit, I’ve done my time in the spotlight and do not wish to revisit that particular time in my life. My girlfriend probably wouldn’t want me to post pictures of her in the altogether either so don’t ask. Other than that, everything is fair game. Ready? Go!

5 thoughts on “The One Where You Control The Vertical”

  1. Can you take a picture of a bottle of MoloKa’i Hot Sauce? My mom brought us back some from her trip back in October and we ate it all already…It is just so delicious…we miss it terribly. *sniff*

  2. I think I’m a little late for this post, but I want to see a recent pick of you and your girl (woman). ok bye, I’m really going to pack now. . .

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