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The One About My View

Meimur, the lovely host of Socially Inept, asked me to provide an image of my view. Here it is:
I'm lying of course

Okay. I’m kidding. That’s the Iao Needle. I have to admit that I haven’t checked my blog all day so I just got this request. It’s a little before 7 pm here so the view isn’t all that spectacular. For what it is worth, here is what it looks outside right now:
Really, this is my view

I’ll take another image tomorrow when the sun is out (provided it isn’t raining like it was off and on today).

Another request, from Daxahol, is for an image of a specific hot sauce that is popular here on Maui. That image is forthcoming.

To put in your request for a custom photo, leave a comment in The One Where You Control The Vertical.

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