Inherently Different

The One About Nots

The Red Queen is off doing Mother/Daughter things on Oahu with, you guessed it, her mother. I on the other hand had a couple of articles that needed my attention. As I write, I tend to wander through blogexplosion so that the sheer boredom of my articles doesn’t kill me before it has a chance to kill the poor schmoes who’ll be directed to my prose. Below you will find some topics you will never, ever, have to read if you come to my site: (PS- Don’t forget to put in your request for a custom photo! See The One Where You Control The Vertical for more information.)

– Specific complaints about the vague things that are going on in my life without information about the things in my life that prompted me to complain about them in the first place.
-Pictures of my cat. Thankfully, I don’t have one of these wretched beasts, but if I did, you wouldn’t know it.
-Poems of any kind. OK, a naughty limerick maybe, but a heartfelt outpouring of emotion or philosophy through iambic pentameter? Never.
-Begging for money. Gauche is a word that was invented for this type of blog-muggery.
-Blog Whoring. I do this for me. If you enjoy it great! If not, I couldn’t be bothered to care. In other words, fuck off. Fame is fleeting, infamy though… that’s the gift that keeps on giving.