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The One About Images

In my spare time, that is when I’m not being sarcastic in my comments to puritans, I like tooling around Maui and taking photographs of things that I find interesting. After finally getting my camera back yesterday, I saw this sunset. It has been pretty difficult these last few months trying to ignore the fact that my camera was broken. I’d see things and think, “ooh, I have to take a picture of that!” Then I’d realize that my camera was in a box awaiting repair.

As you can imagine, now that I have it back, $161 later, I’ll be much more careful when I have my camera with me. No more crossing streams by bouncing over boulders holding my camera in my hand. Promise.

I’m going to Makena today and take some snaps of Big Beach and Little Beach. Hope you’re Friday will be as productive as mine.

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