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The One About Typical Tourists

Nice Socks!For 6togo who asked me for a picture of the worst tourist I ran across lately in The One Where You Control The Vertical. I would have taken a picture of the front of her shirt (which had little hearts all over it), but she gave me stinkeye when I raised my camera. I had to settle for taking a shot from down the boardwalk. Notice the little hearts on her socks. This lady knows a thing or two about fashion.

3 thoughts on “The One About Typical Tourists”

  1. we used to look at slides of crowds visiting the eiffel tower back in French class. the game was “spot the americans.”

    Poor tourists. You always know who they are. Especially in SF, walking around Coit tower, wearing shorts and tee shirts during cold, overcast summers.

    My mom is the type you would photograph if she visited hawaii and walked in front of you. She is prone to loud bright prints and she’s a cute little chub of a lady. Bright touristy MuuMuus would be heaven for her.

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