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girls on film

The CoveMy long neglected photo gallery has a new album… just some random things I see often. I know that I have once again been neglecting both my image gallery as well as this blog, and I wish I had a valid reason, but truth be told, I have been more bored with myself than I have been previously. In fact, this is the most uninteresting I think I have ever been. Aside from the random requests, I don’t get much traffic anymore and I would imagine my lack of commitment is to blame.

I had this whole post about children that was prompted by a recent visit to the public library, but then I decided against posting it because I realized I had gone over much of this before. I am starting to sound like a broken record, or worse, a broken shell of a man who is bitter, old and tired… The old guy that yells at kids for playing music too loud… or in this case, who yells at parents for letting their emotionally damaged 6 year old destroy a half dozen books because they are too pre-occupied to care. I digress.

Nothing seems interesting anymore. Someone should do something to push my buttons. Frank? Where are you?

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