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the collector

It’s time for another round of “what do you want to see?”

Submit your requests for images of just about anything… I’ll post the pictures here for everyone to see.

Update: Forgetting that my readership consists mainly of smart-asses, I should have prefaced the aforementioned call for image requests with the disclaimer that the images should be of Maui in general… sights, landmarks, flora, fauna, local attractions…

13 thoughts on “the collector”

  1. If you can pull an image/photo of a “dwarf sitting nude on a volcanic rock eating yogurt with his right hand and throwing rocks with his left at two 8-year old girls playing barbies” I’ll be impressed beyond all measure.

  2. Er, I think the dwarf is an easy one… Camila Parker Bowles looking like anything other than a heinous troll might be more than even I can manage with photoshop.

  3. Um, how about one of those feral cats over at the Iao Needle? That’s touristy. Or some crusty lava? Or whatever is at the end of the Hana Hwy – I only made it as far as the airport.

    Those are completely boring suggestions. Sorry.

  4. Not boring at all, Pea. It just so happens that the Red Queen and I are off to Paia today to stock up on organic vegetables and other hippie shit. We’ll probably pass by the Iao Needle on the way home and can easily pop on up to grab a pic or two…

  5. A well dressed tourist.

    Awww, organic vegetables..:))) really, e!, hidden beneath that rough exterior, that acerbic tongue……..

  6. actually, without wanting to sound like some soft dickhead I’d really like to see a big picture of the sea. Not the land and sea, but the sea….I haven’t seen the sea for ages 🙁

  7. HAHAHAH! Er, organic vegetables are actually cheaper because, well, they’re local products. Everything else must be imported which shoots the price way up… for instance, organic lettuce (red leaf) costs about $1.50 (0.817457 GBP) per pound, while imported red leaf lettuce, the product of big farms that use modern agricultural processes is about $2.99 per pound (1.63510 GBP). I just can’t seem to justify paying that much money for something that costs about $.77 per pound on the mainland.

  8. Mullets. Do you have any mullets in Hawaii?

    By the way, how are you liking Bringing Down The House? It is one of the few books I’ve read in the last year that I actually remember the whole story…I really liked it.

  9. Mullets ? As in the very dodgy hairstyle adopted by european footballers in the mid 80s? Please God No! That would be beyond the obscenity that is Camilla Parker Bowles.

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