Inherently Different

cool for cats

Requested by Peashelle… these are the feral cats that can be found wandering around the Iao Needle on Maui.

one cat keeps a look out for
tourists and opportunities for

the rest of the posse lays low
with the understanding that
they take action if needed.

the cats lounge at the base
of the Iao Valley. can’t think
of a better home, can you?

4 thoughts on “cool for cats”

  1. okay i know i’m sometimes an idiot… but those are not ACTUALLY feral cats, are they? they’re just regular old domesticated housecats?!?

  2. Yes, these are really feral cats. At some point, long ago, someone dumped a cat or two up near the Iao Needle. Cats, like rabbits, did their thing and the rest is history.

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