Inherently Different

(you gotta) fight for your right to party

There is an article in the most recent rolling stone about Jack Abramoff, the super lobbyist who has suddenly thrown Washington into full on scramble mode. Scrambling because they don’t want to be listed as Abramoff supporters, which is a good idea since the fucker was convicted of a number of crimes including fraud and racketeering. The guy is a sleeze as are anyone who did business with him including a number of high profile republicans like Tom Delay. The article was interesting in as much as you would never guess how incredibly corrupt American politicians are… well, you can think you know, but then they stoop lower and you’re once again scratching your head wondering where they get they get the gall.

Of course, part of the problem with American politics is that you really can’t trust someone who wants to be a politician. I think the first rule for any politician should be a reluctance to be a politician.

Also, Rolling Stone is a rather bleeding-edge liberal outlet. They tend to oversensationalize anything that doesn’t fit their agenda… they are anti-republican, environmental extremists who will suddenly find themselves without much to harp on once the next election delivers a democratic president. But I still like the magazine because it gives me an emotional perspective that I tend to overlook.