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goodbye stranger

HAHAHAHAHA! I’ve just been banned from commenting on someone’s blog! And let me see if I can be motivated to care beyond simply making fun of the dumbass… nope. Posting about it here is as much effort as I can muster.

I need to decide whether to upgrade my typepad account. It is up in a few days/weeks… I think I have two more months… depends on when the extra time I get for typepad being messed up for two months stops. The benefits of the upgraded account are complete control of the css… which would then allow me to make more customized looks. I mean the ability to have unlimited blogs is nice… but since I have a hard time updating this blog very often, that seems less important. If I do spend the $149, I will have to make more of an effort to post.

7 thoughts on “goodbye stranger”

  1. Who banned you? It must have been someone unfamiliar with your regular manner of expression, lol.

    What a waste – I have the pro account and don’t know a damn thing about CSS. Try not to laugh too hard.

  2. If spending the money means you’ll make more of an effort to post then I say go for it.

    Pea – you should totally learn a little CSS if you have the pro account. It isn’t that difficult and you could jazz up your site in so many ways. Now I’m jealous – I want the pro account!

    (Also the banner guy should be familiar with e’s regular manner of expression by now – I’m thinkin he just doesn’t like it much.)

  3. Just to be clear… I really don’t care that I was banned from this tool’s commenting system. I rarely ever posted on his blog because I think he’s among the biggest morons this world has ever produced. And just thinking that this twit might someday teach young minds makes me glad I don’t live in the UK. It is also rather excellent that he isn’t very good with the ladies because the thought of this dumb fucker reproducing sent shivers down my spine.

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