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games without frontiers

A meme originated by someone who then tagged oedipa… who then tagged me.

Seven movies I have loved:
1. Reservoir Dogs: Tarantino is an idiot savant.
2. The Killing: By far Stanley Kubrick’s best film. Better than Dr. Strangelove by a hair.
3. The Wild Bunch: Sam Peckinpah is/was the world’s greatest action director.
4. Night of the Hunter: Quite possibly the reason I fell in love with the medium. A perfect blend of writing and direction.
5. The Shawshank Redemption: The ONLY book-to-film adaptation to almost do the book justice. Frank Darabont is a gifted screenwriter and director.
6. The Bridge Over the River Kwai: The film that made me want to befriend a brit… limey is the result of that life long pursuit.
7. Double Indemnity: Who can resist the lure of film noir? Add to a perfectly executed film two of the most impressive acting exhibitions by Fred McMurray and Barbara Stanwyck and you have a near flawless film.

Seven books I like:
1. Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov
2. I Am Legend by Richard Matheson
3. Catch 22 by Joseph Heller
4. To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee
5. In Cold Blood by Truman Capote
6. Requiem For A Dream by Hubert Selby
7. Naked Lunch by William Burroughs

NOTE: It is not lost on me that I have two books in this list that have heroin featured prominently. Perhaps that explains a lot about me… perhaps not.

Seven things I say:
1. You are a fucking tool.
2. I’ve got that going for me.
3. You have two options… shut the fuck up and get the fuck out of here… feel free to mix and match these options.
4. Mother of Pearl!
5. Pardon me? (I give people the opportunity to correct themselves before I do).
6. About 165/170 (in response to the question, "What are you up to?"
7. Yes, I do, thank you for asking. (in response to the question, "Do you have the time?")

Seven things that attract me to a city:
1. Good pornography.
2. A ready supply of homeless so I can feel superior.
3. A steady supply of pharmacuetical grade narcotics.
4. Good restaurants.
5. A decent collection of bookstores.
6. A college (theoretically, a higher number of intelligent people would populate the city then… at least thats the idea.)
7. At least one major movie theater and one indie theater. Or a well-respected film festival.

Seven things to do before I die:
I’m forty. Whatever it is I’ve wanted to do, I’ve done. Twice.

Seven things I can’t do:
1. Hit a three pointer in a clutch situation.
2. Knit.
3. Look at another man’s hairy ass and feel attraction or envy.
4. Suffer fools.
5. Leave a witty comment unsaid.
6. Understand child abuse.
7. Forward a meme to another 7 hapless bloggers.

13 thoughts on “games without frontiers”

  1. “A ready supply of homeless so I can feel superior.” Bwhahahahahahah!

    “A college”? Having bought a house near Ohio State University I can completely and utterly reveal that college = 13th grade full of retard drunks.

  2. – I have only seen one of your movies and read one of your books.
    – What does “Mother of Pearl!” mean?
    – I agree with Naladahc that living in a town with a college doesn’t guarantee smart people. But since the college in my city is also OSU maybe it is just something about Ohio???
    – You probably still have a good 40 years to go, you should think up a new list. Perhaps you could learn how to knit!

  3. In Cold Blood and Lolita are two of my favorite books too!

    Also, the Adrian Lyne version of Lolita was a pretty decent adaptation of the book.

  4. When my someone says, “Wow, you’re tan!” I say, “Well, I’ve got that going for me…” it’s sort of a non-sequiter. It doesn’t mean anything… it’s just something to say when you don’t know what to say in response to something.

  5. Ahhhh. Like ” Quite.” As in

    Pondscum ” Fuck me, I’m so drunk. I just drunk 8 pints of lager and punched this guy”

    Human ” Quite…..”

  6. Told you Ash. Whenever I need a good dose of “HAAA YES!!” I look to E!

    E, dude. Your only 40? Sure there must be SOMETHING else you want to do? Like say, skull fuck Paris Hilton? Just wear a garbage bag though…yick…

  7. LOVED Lolita. As for the homeless thing….oh, never mind, you already lived in San Francisco. Hey, I guess that would take care of the pornography and narcotics too. No wonder you were there so long. Why did you move?

    And I agree with the drunk retards statement by Naladahc. Describes most of the idiot freshmen I have to teach. You want smart? Try Portland, OR. Instead of colleges they skipped the bullshit (witht he exception of Lewis and Clark and Reed which are great schools) and went straight to the source. Bookstores. They have the most per capita in all of the US. Or so I’ve been led to believe.

  8. i think a have the city for you….we have:
    1.bookstores. borders headquarters is here, along with multiple used bookstores 2.a good college, 70% of the population here has a bach. degree, 40% has a masters 3.a riduculously large cinema; 2 indie theaters; one of which the director was invited to speak at sundance; the films that will not pick up movie deals from sundance, will be shown here
    4. we have the oldest film festival of it’s kind in the country
    5. you’re favorite person in the world

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