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This post was originally published on 06-25-2004 at 04:28 AM, but I thought I should air this one out since I recently saw a post about global warming on Asher Hunter’s blog (a great read by the way… can almost keep up with me rant for rant!)

I believe in a few socially irresponsible ideas. It has, on occasion, gotten me into trouble with a few of my more liberal, tree-hugging friends.

1. I believe Greenpeace is a terrorist organization.
2. I believe that recycling is bad for the environment.
3. I believe that most weekend-environmentalists are inherently stupid.
4. I believe the world will end eventually without mankind’s help or hinderance.
5. I believe that 90% of anything that the WWF, Audubon Society, Sierra Club, or Greenpeace states as fact is skewed heavily against corporations in order to scare people into giving them money.

I know, anyone who is reading this and purports to be environmentally conscious will say that I’m unaware of all the horrible things that are being done to the environment on a daily basis. They will spout "facts" about how we are creating greenhouse gases through pollution that are eroding the ozone and causing global warming. They will say that we are causing our forests to disappear through clear-cutting and deforestation. They will say that we are killing off 5 species a day.

The truth is much less apocalyptic and in consequence, it wouldn’t generate the kinds of donations necessary to keep these people who work for these organizations from having to get real jobs. I don’t believe anything either pro-environmentalist or anti-environmentalists spit out because it is all rhetoric. Crap.

Some good links on the many environmental myths that exist:
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Ten Environmental Myths
Pro-Recycling Rhetoric
Exploding The Environmental Myths of 1997
Environmental Myths: A Brief Article
Recycling As Religion: Environmental Myths

Really, all I am asking for before someone starts to (acid) rain on my parade is to disengage your heart and engage your brain. I’m tired of misinformed do-gooders who don’t read or challenge what they are force fed by people with an agenda. Faith without understanding is dangerous. Passion without proof is more so.

5 thoughts on “Myth-conception”

  1. George Carlin said that the only reason that nature created and evolved humans was because the Earth wanted plastics but didn’t know how to make them itself.

    So now that there’s plastic, humans are expendable.

  2. Why is recycling bad for the environment? I have no opinion on the matter – just curious! Oh wait- I’m supposed to click on those links to find out aren’t I?

    Your last two sentences: “Faith without understanding is dangerous. Passion without proof is more so.”

    very true.

  3. Definitely an interesting read, and I can’t say I completely disagree with you. In terms of “fact”-laundering and misinformation, I am sure you are correct. Major organizations like to lie and cheat in the mistaken belief that the ends justify the means. This is true whether the organization is Exon or Greenpeace.

    That said, I do believe that mankind has become an influence on the planet, and what we do as a species does affect the world around us. With such a huge number of cars, factories and overweight truck drivers belching obnoxious gasses into the atmosphere, its difficult to believe that this has no effect on the environment.

    But I respect your call to arms – people should read up on and examine all sides of an issue before taking sides. Too many times people choose a stand based upon propaganda and emotional blackmail.

  4. Environmentalists are the most speciesist people alive. Save the Planet should be read as Save My Preferred Version of the Environment.

    I embrace the day when the humans alter the environment to such an extent that mankind is no longer viable and the dung bettle assumes its righful place at the top of the pile.

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