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they might be giants

Dscf0242 It is once again time to reflect on how absolutely perfect Maui is. It is so perfect in fact that mammals come here by the thousands each winter to avoid the cold of their normal environment. I’m not talking about some blue haired geriatrics either… i’m talking about my favorite cetacean, the Megaptera novaeangliae, or as it is more commonly referred as, the Humpback Whale.

The Red Queen and I have gone on a Pacific Whale Foundation hosted tour of the waters off Maui in search of these huge lovable whales each of the last two years and again this year, we were not disappointed.

Let me tell you, these fuckers are huge. Like oprah winfrey huge. We’re talking bahdunkadunk huge.

I have tons of pictures, but this has to be my favorite. It shows a female and her primary escort. The pair danced and sang for us like Sonny & Cher. It was a great outing and perhaps might require a return visit. How was your friday?

3 thoughts on “they might be giants”

  1. Glad you enjoyed yourself. The Megaptera novaeangliae looks very cool, indeed. I went whale watching once (must’ve been in San Diego) and we never saw any whales. Your outing looks more fun.

  2. Wow … definitely an amazing site, I envy your ability to go out and see these wonderous creatures in their natural habitat.

    I love whales and dolphins, but being land-locked, I don’t get the opportunity to see them often. Sure, I could go to Marineland, but I don’t. Unfortunately, as I consider whales and dolphins to be sapient creatures, any form of incarceration is therefore slavery. And I can’t condone that.

    Yes, I do know I am a crackpot.

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