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Just fooling around with the old blog… in the hope that I will actually post some shit… I have been incredibly lackadaisical about posting recently… ok, who am I kidding? Not recently, since the middle of last year… probably earlier.

There was a time when I would post in here all the time, but for some reason, I have lost interest. So many things I’d rather spend time on and I don’t know how to change that.

Clearly not many people even read this. I have come to understand that the internet is a fickle beast that requires one of three things to be satisfied… Tits, Topics or Trade. If you look at the most traffic-inducing blogs out there, they’re one of the three if not a combination of the three.

Tits is obvious. I could simply delete this blog and post pictures of tits all day long and I would increase traffic. Conversely, I can keep my content except pretend to be a woman and I can GUARANTEE that I would have upwards of 1000 hits a day. You don’t even have to be interesting to be a female blogger… just be…well… female (even if you never show your tits, you’re guaranteed 1000 hits a day).

Topics change, but right now, the hot topic is clearly politics. Write a blog about the upcoming presidential elections and you’re probably gonna get a ton of hits. Again, you don’t even have to have an interesting viewpoint… just regurgitate what you see on Salon or that feminazi psuedo-journalist Ann Coulter and boom… you got hits (and Ann Coulter has tits and writes about politics — the double whammy — i think she has tits… she’s not only ugly and a bigot, but she may also be transgender).

Trade blogs focus on business… or sell shit… or focus on selling business… either way they get more traffic than I do. At least they’re interesting.

I gotta rethink that boob job.

I mean really. Things would just be a fucking whole lot easier if i had big tits and a hollow empty space between my ears. I would clearly be more interesting than I am now. No question.

I shouldn’t say those things lest someone (more clearly put, one of the three people who regularly read this drivel) get upset. But fuck it. It’s true and two of the three regular readers who have tits could confirm my hypothesis on gender inequality in blogdom.

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  1. I definitely throw my vote in for more boobs. Not that there aren’t already a million sites where I could go look at them were I so inclined, but hey, I’m coming here already. It would be an added bonus.

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