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burden in my hand

A while back, someone asked me why I seem to never have a problem with the ladies. Of course, the sentiment behind the question, while generally true, isn’t entirely accurate. I don’t have a problem attracting them, but I have, if one were to explore my history, problems keeping them happy indefinitely.

The reason of course can be illustrated with some simple math. Most women add up a few characteristics and experiences and the end sum is usually a gold band and a little house with a white picket fence. See, I don’t subscribe to the idea that love and commitment eventually lead up to marriage. In my view, you can have the first two without ever having to explore the third.

I love my gf, but I have no intention (at least right now) of getting married. Thankfully, she is not only well aware of this fact, but is also in no hurry to run down the aisle. And that my friends and neighbors is the essence of a great relationship: being on the same page at the same time. For all our combined faults, the one thing my sig other and I can believe in is that we see things roughly the same way. Without that connection, all the other stuff is just fantasy.

So, back to the original sentiment behind the question. Yes, I have never had a problem with attracting women. That isn’t to say that I think I’m all that attractive… to the contrary. I think I’m a cleft lip and lazy eye short of hideous, but what I lack in visual appeal I make up in other ways… and those are the things most men who are successful with women all have in common. I am going to tell you what these things are… now you don’t need to be all these things, but it helps if you have a nice assortment of these traits…

10. Be funny.
09. Be honest.
08. Be punctual.
07. Be understanding.
06. Be intelligent.
05. Be active.
04. Be confident.
03. Be decisive.
02. Be adaptable.
01. Be yourself.

That’s it. While some may look at that list and wonder if really is the key to constantly being courted by a plethora of vivacious vixens, the truth is that there is a possibility that even if you had all these characteristics, you still might not get any action. Of course, if that happens, chances are you’re just a tool and few if any pieces of advice will rectify that particular shortcoming.

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