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all the girls hate her

Have you seen Brokeback Mountain, Transamerica or Capote? If you have, you’re a leftist commie looking to destroy american ideals! Well, according to a group calling itself concerned women for america you’re undermining the very moral fiber of the american public.

In case you’re wondering, the three movies I mentioned above all have gay or transgender characters. In yet another bit of political wrangling, the group is trying to call attention to the gayification of America. Whether you know it or not, if you watch a movie with a gay character, chances are you’ll be turned into a flaming homosexual deviant. You’ll also be making baby jesus cry.

I’m sorry if I’m making light of a rather serious problem. The problem I’m talking about isn’t homosexuality because there isn’t anything wrong with it in any way. What I am talking about is the growing voice of intolerence being camouflaged as patriotism. It boggles my mind that we’re hurtling toward a nuclear showdown with China and there is a group more concerned about human sexuality as it pertains to moral decay. It bothers me that a group that openly opposes an entire population of people based on their sexuality should give a rats ass what I choose to watch or what hollywood chooses to produce. The idea that watching or producing films that feature gay or transgender characters might turn someone into a homosexual is beyond ridiculous.

I hope my screenplay about a straight post-op transgender woman who realizes she’s in love with her lesbian doctor who in turn is having an affair with a hermophrodite is optioned this year… I think there is a market for a gender-ambivalent love story!

5 thoughts on “all the girls hate her”

  1. Having seen none of the films that you mention I can, with certainty, state that I am fully in agreement with you. This fallacious nonsense, when taken to its logical conclusion, would suggest that I am an all singing, all dancing, jungle inhabitating bear.

    I have watched Disney’s Jungle Book 48 times.

  2. So who’s the bleeding heart liberal now?! Seriously, you’ll be buying Erasure compilations and calling your friends “bitch!” in a squealy voice soon. I saw “Happy Texas” and the very next day, even though I have been a heterosexual all of my life, I offered myself as a “receptacle” in a gay S&M club. If I had only not seen that film and its pernicious gay themes, I would still be bound for heaven when I die. Oh well, can’t win them all.

  3. Hahah! King i’ve been calling my friends bitch from the moment I got out of prison… a few films showing manly love, surgically removed sexual organs, or a effeminate literary giant won’t change that.

  4. Do you mean to say that I didn’t catch my bisexuality on account of me seeing two women kissing in my daddy’s PlayBoy?

    You mean I’m not 2 Dimensional? I can’t walk off cliffs and be okay as long as I don’t look down?
    Dammit. Way to ruin it, ruiner.

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