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shake the disease

Ever wonder why the universe is so incredibly unfair? I often wonder exactly what rule controls the cosmos at certain times. For instance, let’s say you wanted to protest something… I don’t know, like the war… and you had the stroke of genius to showcase the need for say, I don’t know… boobs… over bombs…

In a perfect world, you would be an incredibly attractive, athletic, yet politically conscious woman in her mid to late twenties. You would be between 5’7″ and 6′ tall, would weigh between 120 lbs and 150 lbs (whatever is commensurate with your height), and have smooth, clear skin that is slightly sun kissed.

Of course, the cosmos NEVER lets two ideas (in this case aesthetic beauty and social consciousness) occupy the same space in time. Why, oh fucking why, when you hear of/see protesters showing their support for an idea by taking off their clothes MUST they look like a herd of albino buffalo? Case in point, the trolls staging a “creative action” during a hosted viewing of the democratic debate.

Good fucking god! If I was there I would have joined up and killed a few innocent Iraqis just so I could wipe away the mental scarring caused by seeing the old, baggy, gelatinous flesh.
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  1. Oh. . .real nice, Ed! Do you see how large that one woman’s breasts are? She can’t help gravity! But, do you ever watch Chris Rock? He has a joke about Janet Jackson exposing her boobs at the Super Bowl and says that “40-year old titty” is your man’s titty, and 20-year old titty is community titty.

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