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you’re a loser, baby

I have very little patience for certain things. Ok, full disclosure… I have very little patience for anything that is even remotely based on stupidity. Things that fall into the category of “new age” such as herbal remedies, crystals, shit like that. I am pretty sure those types of things exist solely to show the world just who the dumbest mother fuckers on the planet are.

Unfortunately, I live on an island that is filled with these crazy ass cocksuckers. I mean I can’t throw a rock without it bouncing off two or three of them. If there is some crap ideology, chances are there is an institute devoted to it here on Maui. It is a painful existence to walk into any establishment and have to listen to these absolute morons wax poetic about how this “healer” or that “shaman” or whatever title these charlatans are using these days “helped” this delusional nutbag cure their malady.

While I was thinking about how the per capita of these nut fuckers seems extremely high on Maui, I remembered that when I moved to San Francisco in the early 90s, I said aloud, “someone should round all these dumb fuckers up and ship them to some island in the middle of the pacific.”

It is either irony or the 7th circle of hell. I am unsure which.

3 thoughts on “you’re a loser, baby”

  1. It’s like they’re all following you.

    Also, slightly off topic, but I’m curious – rough estimate – what percentage of the people you see walking around maui are white?

  2. I would say about 40%… though I am including europeans and haole locals (born on the island, raised on the island, but whiter than a box of flour).

  3. E, at least you are honest. Lots of well meaning people swing the crystals and gaze at the white light. I have no opinion about them, but I am not one of them. What I have always admired about you is courage to say what you mean. Good for you.

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