Inherently Different


Proving my point about IQ is the guy in my comments from the previous post. He can’t read, yet he thinks he should be able to own a gun… tsk tsk. It is people like this winner that make it difficult to have a differing viewpoint… not because we disagree, but because they can’t be bothered to actually read content… This winner is now on ignore… he can comment all he wants, but until he gets a literate adult to read him what I write before he comments, I won’t respond to this “genius.”

But if Frank cares to reply, I will be happy to discuss our differing viewpoints as always… and Frank, perhaps you should institute an IQ test for your blog… I may not pass it, but at least I won’t ever again draw the ire of a complete retard who likes cooking, tractors and illiteracy.

EDIT: I couldn’t resist mentioning his animal sex fetish… ok, now i am done.