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losing and with the doing it again

I have been a Charger fan for a long time. Longer in fact than I care to admit. It is weekends like this that form the most mind numbingly painful memories in my 43 years. Just once I want to be able to see my home town team win the big one… alas, it will not be this year… yet again.

At some point I am going to have to come to a decision about whether or not I should part ways with my favorite team. For many of you, at least those who have never had a lifelong (or nearly so) love affair with a sports team, the idea of “breaking up” with a team might seem a bit odd or even using the analogy at all might seem odd.

Either way though, like a slutty girlfriend that is both hot and indiscriminate about her dalliances, at some point you just have to say, “You’ve broken my heart for the last time!”

Perhaps you’ll never date another again (in case you’re lost in the analogy, I mean root for another team ever again)… or perhaps you’ll rebound with the first one that comes along (root for the first team that wins consistently… which would mean I could be like any New England Patriot fan). Or perhaps you’ll switch “sides” all together and begin following professional badmitton (do I really need to explain that one?).

All I know is that for roughly 40 years of my life, I’ve been consistently kicked in the crotch by the San Diego Chargers and I’m one torn pair of panties away from ending this relationship for good… or at least until I get a promise that it will never happen again.

6 thoughts on “losing and with the doing it again”

  1. I can imagine how disappointed you must be. But, you know if you leave the Chargers they’ll win the Super Bowl the very next year!

    My son had a mini melt down during the 4th quarter of the game so we talked a lot last night about keeping things in perspective! 🙂

    • I think you’re right about that. Unfortunately, I’m feeling pretty worn out by the whole process. And perhaps, a part of me hopes that what you say is true because at least that means that they ultimately win the super bowl.

      I hope your son got through the worst of it… For me, when they lose, I don’t read the newspaper or watch any news programs until I am sure they won’t talk about it. Last night, the saving grace was that I was with my family and some of my childhood friends who have share this journey of abject misery with me. Rather than dwell on the game, we talked about our shared experiences and about traveling, which made each of of forget, at least for a little while, what we had just seen.

  2. You were the first person I thought of when they lost. I feel your pain, man. I’ve had the prolonged agony of watching my team suck all season, so I’ve been secretly cheering for the Chargers. Guess I should have kept my bad mojo off of them.

    • Hey Frank! I know I’m not the first fan to be disappointed, but darn it… this was supposed to be our year! Hope you and yours are doing well brother.

    • LOL. Absolutely. Normally, I can avoid having expectations of any sort. It’s just that with the Chargers, I just can’t seem to avoid buying into the hype and this is something I have wanted for so long, I expect it will eventually happen. I’ll have to work on that.

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