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false compassion and with the haiti

I’m pretty sure that over the course of human history, there have been a great many large scale tragedies. Natural disasters have wiped out millions all over the world.

Many of those tragedies though have probably been ignored by the world at large.  Mostly because shit like that happens all the time. Sad? Yes. A reason to extend a lot of false compassion? Oh hell no.

Don’t get me wrong. The Earth Quake in Haiti was a tragedy. But long before the Earthquake, Haiti was a shit hole. One in which the people were living lives of quiet desperation. Where was the outpouring of compassion then? Why does it take a natural disaster to motivate people into action?

Call me jaded, but I think that anyone who donates to Haiti is doing so out of guilt than out of any real sense of compassion. Sure, donating to charity helps people rid themselves of guilt, but ultimately the action is meaningless because the act is less about helping others than about helping themselves.

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