Inherently Different


Best show on television bar none. I’ve been watching a lot of shows on Hulu or Netflix for the last 3 months or so (mostly because I have just about watched every damn movie released since 1943. Not having a television over the last 4 years, I’ve missed a lot… still missing a lot I … Read more

que milagro

Aside from still being in mourning over the loss suffered by my beloved Chargers this past weekend, I am knee deep in trying to get a variety of websites I have been contracted to build into shape. I’m busy, but not so busy that I can’t spend a few hours a day over the next … Read more

The One About Christmas Specials

I grew up with the schlocky Rankin & Bass animated holiday specials… you know the ones… “Year Without A Santa Claus,” “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer,” and “Frosty the Snowman.” They served their purpose, but now they’re really outdated. A few years ago, Mad TV unveiled the first of dozens of shorts produced and directed … Read more

The One About The Apprentice

The Red Queen and I are watching the show now. Of course, being almsost five hours behind the East Coast here on Maui, the rest of the nation already knows what happened, but I have avoided reading my normal sources so that I can be surprised. As the show goes on though, it’s clear, at … Read more

The One About MTV… Again

I grew up alongside MTV. From 1981 through 1987, so many of life’s greatest lessons washed over me from the comfort of my couch in the livingroom. I am a product of MTV and it dawns on me that this is the reason the world is so fucked up these days. Perhaps if today’s youth … Read more

The One About Alias

Alias has to be one of the cheesiest shows on the face of the planet. Really. It is unbelievable, the acting is subpar, the direction is weak and the writing borders on fan fiction. Yet, I can’t explain the fact that I’ve spent almost 70 hours watching all three seasons of Alias on DVD. And … Read more

The One About Sex and the City

I know many people still watch this show despite that the show is now only available on syndicated TV. I know many women who like to believe their lives mirror that of the characters on this show. I also know that this show is one of the most ridiculous shows on TV. I had a … Read more

The One About Desperate Housewives

Do any of you watch this show? The Red Queen and a few friends were watching it last night after dinner. It reminded me of David Lynch’s Twin Peaks only with desperate housewives as opposed to quirky killers. I’m not sure I’ll watch it again, but it does at least instill a sense of hope … Read more

The One About Football Sunday

For many of you, this weekend is meaningless. To someone who was raised in a family that believes that NFL stadiums are churches and players are divine prophets. Today was a good day for anyone who is a fan of football. I saw three games and got a good dose of adrenaline. My fantasy football … Read more