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The One About Sex and the City

I know many people still watch this show despite that the show is now only available on syndicated TV. I know many women who like to believe their lives mirror that of the characters on this show. I also know that this show is one of the most ridiculous shows on TV.

I had a friend who spoke of this show the way some people speak of religion… which is to say she was a maniacal cackling fool.

I often wonder why women gravitate toward certain shows just as I am sure some women wonder why men gravitate toward some shows. I guess the difference is that the shows men watch, in my estimation anyway, don’t harm them.

Sex in the City is an unrealistic representation of life. The women are all so flawed as humans, it would be difficult for me to even want to know they existed in real life much less as characters that some real women would like to emulate.

I’m sure some of my female readers, especially those who are fans of this show, will say that I just don’t understand or worse, that these women are empowered. I am not the target demographic (admittedly, I am male, have a brain, self-estem and taste), but that shouldn’t preclude me from commenting on whether or not this show is crap. Ladies… this show is indeed crap.

Addendum: Okay, I should probably have said that I wouldn’t comment on something without having first hand knowledge. I have watched a number of episodes of Sex and the City, scattered across the history of the show. Some the first season, a few the second, one or two the third… etc. In other words, enough to know that Sex and the City is crap. I feel unclean knowing that I’ve wasted a few hours of my life being bludgeoned by this affront to the medium.

6 thoughts on “The One About Sex and the City”

  1. Personally I think it is a good show for Women who need “Empowerment.” Everyone is flawed in some way. Men and Women and of course naturally the women on TV would be flawed. You should look at the show with more of an Open Mind. How many episodes have you actually seen to determine it is crap? There is a realistic view of the show because of the fact that more women are career minded and starting families later in life and also the fact that women are more selfish because women give too much anyway.


  2. I only watched it for the sex.

    On a different note, I’m flying to SFO on business and will be there over a weeeknd and the g/f unit is going to meet me there. What should we do?

  3. I have never seen an episode of SatC and I never owned a Barbie when I was little. Mayhaps this explains why I am so goddamned well-adjusted? I guess we’ll never know.

    What I do know is that many women watch the show for the social benefits. It’s not so much that they are devotees of the series but that they don’t want to be on the outs when everyone’s clucking about it around the watercooler. Women are lame like that.

  4. If I want to be entertained by something unrealistic, I’ll read a romance novel. I’ve watched parts of the show..and it’s just awful in my opinion.

  5. Guh. As a woman, I hate this show. I had to watch this show by force to study in school (Comedy Scriptwriting). I watched many many episodes and nearly barfed many many times.

    Good blog! I’m linkin’ ya. Feel free to link back if you feel I’m worthy ;-p

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