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The One About The Life of Pi

I read The Life of Pi early this summer and wanted to comment on it, but found that I really couldn’t form any thoughts worthy of putting down on here. An earlier post, The One Where I Speak of God, touches upon some of what I learned from the book as well as some of what I’ve developed over time.

If you haven’t read The Life of Pi yet and have unconventional views about religion, I think you’d enjoy it. If you have more traditionalist views of religion and how to worship, then perhaps this book might help you see religious ideology with a more open mind. I don’t think the story of a teenaged Indian boy lost at sea with only a wild Bengal Tiger for company can change your life… it is afterall only a book. I do, though, believe that the metaphorical journey one must make to understand the value of passionate understanding of religion’s role in everyday life is one worth exploring. Your experience may differ, but I really enjoyed the book.

2 thoughts on “The One About The Life of Pi”

  1. i used to work at a bookstore, ran a book club. one of the books we read was life of pi. it inspired some of my favorite discussions. i loved the book too.

  2. The transcript at the end is some of the best writing I have read in years. Before I start sounding like Oprah, I like Playboy too, god the video game issue was good.

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