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The One About Alias

Alias has to be one of the cheesiest shows on the face of the planet. Really. It is unbelievable, the acting is subpar, the direction is weak and the writing borders on fan fiction.

Yet, I can’t explain the fact that I’ve spent almost 70 hours watching all three seasons of Alias on DVD. And I loved every single second.

Yeah, I know. Seriously. I know. To make matters worse, I can’t wait for season 4 to start in January.

4 thoughts on “The One About Alias”

  1. My name is Brian and I’m an Alias junkie too.

    (Everyone) Hi Brian!

    Seriously, I think the magic of Alias is quantity. In the first 10 minutes you get the storyline, action, and costume changes that a normal TV drama would take an hour to deliver.
    And no show does teeth pulling with a pair of pliers better.

  2. I LOVE Alias and am chomping at the proverbial bit in anticipation of the upcoming season. It’s so damn cinematic and I get all worked up within the first ten minutes. It’s like watching an entire full-length feature film every Sunday, and at the end of it, I’m always emotionally exhausted. Plus, Michael Vartan is hot.

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