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save the planet, kill an activist

I’ve been thinking a lot about the end of civilization. It will happen… someday. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but someday live as we know it will cease. Notice how I didn’t write “end of the world.” That wasn’t an error. The Earth is a lot more resilient than many of the “save the planet” morons make it out to be. It is humans that are fragile. Long after humanity ends, the world will keep spinning and harboring life.

I was watching this show produced by National Geographic about “strange days on planet earth” or some such and it got me to thinking, which if you’ve read this blog over the last few years, is a dangerous thing.

While watching said show, I realized that the world would be better off if more of you all died. Many of you in fact. Especially if you complain about anything that humans do. Be it war, or homelessness, or the environment, if you like to complain, the world would be better off without you. The more I think, the more simple the solutions become. We could solve 99% of the worlds problems with an extinction level event. We could start by killing all the activists that exist on the planet. I mean all the animal activists, the war protestors, the anti-gay crusaders, the jihadists, the Disney Channel kids…

I am serious. If we could just kill off all the complainers, we’d be a whole lot better off. Aside from putting an end to the unpleasant droning in my ears whenever I listen to anyone with an axe to grind, killing these malcontents off would increase the chances that the rest of us survive a little while longer.

I honestly believe that the cure to all mankind’s ills is for one huge calamity that kills off between 4 and 5 billion people. The planet has around 6.75 billion people so my wish is to see our population plumet to around 1 billion to 2 billion in my lifetime. Oh I don’t think I should be one of the losers who dies… the world needs me to lead.  My vote is for a super flu rather than some “bleed through every orafice” virus.

See, rational thought dictates that the planet’s many problems are not a result of man’s technology, but his ability to procreate and prolong life. Think of it as a culling of the herd. All species have checks and balances that limit the extent of their populations… all of them except humans. It used to be that disease, famine and war (the proverbial horsemen of the apocolypse) contributed to the balancing act, but that is no longer true simply because we have technology that helps us overcome 2 of the 3. And even today, there are so many misguided, epically ignorant people that protest all sorts of wars, that even war no longer culls the herd.
If something drastic doesn’t happen in the next ten years, I would imagine some government will catch on and help nature along.

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  1. Actually, ceasing the reproductive cycle wouldn’t be enough. All that would mean is that 20 years from now, the population would start its decline. The solution is to have populations suffer a serious setback now or to begin a catostrophic population declination over the next 5 years.

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