Inherently Different

gay-tham for statham

Statham’s profile, collectively, is a promise to you, the weary filmgoer. It’s a promise that says, “I promise that you will not FOR ONE SECOND be bored during one of my movies. You won’t learn shit about the human condition, or feel a collective connection with the brotherhood of man. But if you give … Read more

narcissism 101

A couple of days ago, I was talking to a friend of mine about one of my favorite topics, me. It seems that while this blog shares insight into who I am and what I believe, it does little to dispel the rumor that I was raised by wolves and ate my siblings upon exiting … Read more

the fade In

OVER BLACK WE SEE OPENING CREDITS FADE IN: INT. OFFICE – EARLY MORNING A MAN sits typing on his keyboard. The light from the overhead lamp flickers as if it could wink out at any moment. It does not. He stops to read what he has written and looks disgusted. He hits the DELETE key … Read more


I am a procrastinator. Writing that, I should really also imply that I am a procrastinator like Pol Pot was a mass murderer, which is to say, if I am going to do something, I go all out. See, a while back, I was tagged by Nina to do something or other… I believe it … Read more

have a drink on me

The Recipe For Ed 3 parts Sexiness 2 parts Beauty 1 part Class Splash of Ingenuity Chug! What’s the Recipe for Your Personality? Clearly this test is one of the most insightful blogger defining quizzes ever developed… how can something so completely irrational be so completely accurate? I tell you, I am amazed this quiz … Read more

sea to sea

My friend Benja Iglesis has started a blog. In and of itself it wouldn’t be of much interest, but the guy has been all over the world shooting some amazing photographs. He seems to always be at the right place at the right time to capture some amazing things… Aside from being a great photographer, … Read more

who are you

A few links for a sunday morning: Maui Vice I have often sat quietly considering the great creative minds throughout history. If I, as a man who considers himself creative, am to ever reach the heights of both fame and noteriety as a writer of fiction, the I must look to those who have tread … Read more

you get what you give

I think I remember someone saying something about the ecology of families… or maybe he was just saying that people who have children are ruining the planet. I have written about my thoughts on parents and the reasons people choose to have children before so I won’t revisit that particular hedge row this time out, … Read more

i alone

Wanna win a flat screen tv? Simply shake your ass over to this site, and leave a comment… yep, someone (along with best buy) is giving away a huge flat screen tv.