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A few links for a sunday morning:

Maui Vice
I have often sat quietly considering the great creative minds throughout history. If I, as a man who considers himself creative, am to ever reach the heights of both fame and noteriety as a writer of fiction, the I must look to those who have tread this lonely path for inspiration and advice.

The one shining characteristic highly creative people share is vice. Or more specifically, seven vices. I unfortunately don’t drink, smoke, eat, fuck, spend, gamble, or dress well enough. I knew the reason why I haven’t sold a manuscript was because I wasn’t a big enough fuck up… I can fix that.

Sunday Comics
I have read/collected comics for most of my life. Funny that I have never considered writing them. I firmly believe that comics are great literature. Disagree if you will, but comics are the last remaining repository for cultural myth and legend. Lately I have been visiting Marvel’s Digital Comics and eating up all I can while it lasts.

All The Right Movies
I have a growing list of movies I am excited to see. In no particular order:
The Bucket List
The Dark Knight
I Am Legend

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  1. I’ve seen the advertisements for I Am Legend – it looks interesting. I picked up the book the other day so I can read it before the movie. But, still, I’m going to have a hard time not picturing Will Smith while I read.

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