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have a drink on me

The Recipe For Ed 3 parts Sexiness 2 parts Beauty 1 part Class Splash of Ingenuity Chug! What’s the Recipe for Your Personality? Clearly this test is one of the most insightful blogger defining quizzes ever developed… how can something so completely irrational be so completely accurate? I tell you, I am amazed this quiz … Read more

dirty deeds done dirt cheap

It pains me to think of how normal, rational, careful people suddenly becoming ridiculously abnormal, crazy, and reckless when put in front of a computer with internet access. Jesus cries every time some moron opens an email from someone without taking a brief moment to think about what they are doing. The biggest culprits of … Read more

touch, peel and stand

I’ve been considering a change in hosting companies and over the course of the last six months, I’ve checked out some options… all the while giving my current hosting company an opportunity to change my mind. I’ve sent email after email to get some help on a variety of different problems, the most notable of … Read more

in your room

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last month, you’ve at least heard about Net Neutrality. For those flattened folks have indeed spent a major portion of June and July under the weight of a large boulder, Net Neutrality is essentially the first amendment of the internet. It assures that all websites, regardless … Read more


In response to Chai & Apple Pie’s recent post, I thought I should help you, my faithful minions, serve internet morons a piece of humble pie… Please email this to any religious zealots you know: Dear Fellow Christian Soldier,I just heard that FOX will be forced to discontinue "24" for depicting terrorists as Muslim in … Read more

king of the mountain part II

As I stated before, I love fucking with people… and the internet scammer who sent me a message previously has responded to my romantic queries…

Dear Random Internet Email Addressee,

Many thanks for your urgent response to my proposal. I have all documentations to back us up to ensure smooth conclussion of the Transaction. So there is non room for doubt. All I need from you is your Indepted interest and Maximum support. The expenses that will incur in this deal,will be treated by the both of us.Percentage will not be our problem.All we have to think about is how to bring the money out of the Sampet security company.

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king of the mountan

I love to fuck with people. I love to fuck with people who cheat even more… a few days ago I received one of those phishing emails that you occasionally get… you know the kind where some "barrister" from Nigeria or Zimbabwe emails you and lets you know that 1) a distant family member has died; and 2) you stand to inherit a vast sum of money.

The following is the message I received and my response… let’s see where it goes… if anywhere.

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Recently on Craigslist

My roommate was a deadbeat. She moved in, left all her “valuables” here and then disappeared. I know she is alive since she works at the same place she always has. My repeated attempts to contact her have failed since she won’t come to the phone for fear it is one of the fifty or … Read more