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Recently on Craigslist

My roommate was a deadbeat. She moved in, left all her “valuables” here and then disappeared. I know she is alive since she works at the same place she always has. My repeated attempts to contact her have failed since she won’t come to the phone for fear it is one of the fifty or sixty debt collectors which are seemingly much more motivated than I am to reach her. Her loss could be your gain.

She owed me a tidy sum when she disappeared and now I aim to recoup (pennies on the dollar I tell you!) some of what she owes.

First item up for bid is a rust-colored sueded leather coat the likes of which hasn’t been seen on the street since Starsky first frisked Hutch. We’re talking Huggy Bear type pimpin’ overcoat here ladies. The cuffs and collar are decked out in muppet hair splendor (faux fur for the tv impaired)!

She was a big girl but apparently she was able to fit her mass into a medium sized coat.

I’m asking $35 but will hand it over to the highest bidder. If you’re interested in viewing the coat, shoot me an email and I’ll glady produce a photo.

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