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stand up

blackberry 8130

I doubt I could be a bigger nerd than I am lately, but I do try. The red queen allowed me to get a blackberry curve and the inherent nerd factor that used to define me has now increased exponentially.

For those of you who know my real email address, I am no longer able to say, “I was away from my computer so I couldn’t respond to your email.” My clients and business associates can now instantly contact me and I can disappoint them in real time.

I have always been ahead of the… er, um.. curve… technologically speaking and this is the first time a technology has come late to my hands. Aside from losing my built-in excuse for not replying quickly, I do like the blackberry for what it is worth. Nice little gadget if you are into nice little gadgets.

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  1. I picked up the Blackberry Pearl a few months ago and have a couple of email addresses coming to it now. My nerd meter was pegged from the beginning. The only part I hate is having to dish out the $50 a month extra on my bill to get unlimited data and tethering for my laptop. Stupid AT&T.

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