Inherently Different

fight clubbing chicago style

A few years ago, Chicago fans pretty much set the standard for stupidity when a riot broke out between Chicago fans and Los Angeles Dodger players during a game in May of 2000. Tonight those lovable southside hooligans lowered the bar below sea level when a father & son attacked the KC Royals first base coach, Tom Gamboa.

I’m sure that a majority of fans in Chicago are quite capable of attending a sporting even without letting their collective IQs sink into single digits but it is a bit disconcerting. Imagine if you were doing your job and some beer swilling moron came in and attacked you because they took issue with who you worked for or how you did your job. While the whole story remains to be heard, the fact remains that such behavior seems to be par for the course in many major league cities. And these incidents are not limited to pro baseball either… who could forget the snowball incident at the Meadowlands when the San Diego Chargers were beating the New York Giants like red-headed step children?

You know what should happen to these to examples of genetic devolution? They should let Randy Johnson throw fastballs at them as they run around a baseball diamond. I wonder what Chicago fan Tony Pierce has to say?