Inherently Different

Let the Rhetoric Begin…

A vote for Kucinich is a wasted vote. You want to know why Bush is in office right now? Cause people voted their “conscience” or more precisely, for Nader in the last election. Want to assure that Bush wins another term? Vote for whomever the tree-huggers want in office. Had everyone who voted for nader voted with their intelligence rather than with their bleeding hearts, Gore would be running the country and we wouldn’t have invaded Iraq… dumbasses!

Kucinich isn’t any different than any of the other politician. He’ll make promises he can’t keep thereby completing the cycle every man or woman who ascends to the thrown that is the American presidency.

I’ve talked to Kucinich supporters and they are mostly young, impressionable and idealistic people who are dreamers (artists, musicians, vegans and tree-hugging evironmentalists). Want to know why college kids are flocking to his campaign? Cause most college kids are so blinded by pie-in-the-sky idealism that they forget we all live in a reality that can’t be fixed by smoking a bowl and wearing garlands of daisys in our hair.

Fucking hippies. I hate Bush as much as the next guy but I’m not about to waste my vote on someone I know can’t possibly win! I’d rather put my vote to work for someone who has a virgin’s chance in prison.