Inherently Different

The One About Law & Order on Maui

I’m not really sure how the police work on the rest of the islands since my experience with them is strictly as a tourist. Since I’ve been living on Maui though, I can say that Maui’s police seem to be less than enthusiastic about erradicating the Ice epidemic. A few nights ago right outside of … Read more

The One About Random Maui Information

If you need info about where to stay on Maui, things to see, or general info on the best times to visit, you can always ask me. Either post a comment in any thread (this one would be best of course) or send an email to me at: I’ll send you a link to … Read more

The One About Not Necessarily The News

I was just watching the local news here on Maui. Like most local news shows, they try to end the report on a good note and they usually succeed. Tonight’s “feel good” story was about three little girls ranging from age 5 through 8 who foiled a car theft somewhere in Washington State by alerting … Read more

The One About Stealing Words

I doubt anyone would ever want to steal anything I’ve written, but if they do, I have a way of checking. A site named copyscape can wade through oodles of posts on your site and match them across the oodles of posts on blogs across the blogosphere and see if there is any monkey business … Read more

The One About I Need A Hero

This is less a review than an observation that resulted from watching Hero with the Red Queen today. Movies have played various roles throughout my life, some teaching lessons in loyalty, others in humility, still others how to avoid taking myself or my lot in life too seriously. I think that a good many of … Read more

The One About Writing for Fun & Profit

Some of you who visit regularly might be aware that I’m entering a screenplay competition in just a few days. I’ve worked on this particular script for months and have been getting decent feedback from my regular screenwriting group. Over the next few days, I’ll post sections here as the mood strikes me. It has … Read more

Nothing But A Heartbeat

I was about sixteen the first time I came face to face with my own mortality. Okay, well maybe it happened before that day, but I’ll be damned if I remember that experience half as well as I remember the day we crashed into another car while getting high.

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Drama-rama 101

Years ago, when I was a young man with a pocketful of dreams and not much else, I had a group of friends I would hang out with. We’re talking back in 85-87ish. At the time, I thought that all of these people were normal. I was living in Ocean Beach which is San Diego’s … Read more

Selling Out

I’m thinking of selling out. Putting ads on my site might be a quick and easy way of making the site pay for itself. Not that I’m in a position where it is mandatory that I do so, but having it and not needing it is always preferable to needing it and not having it. … Read more