Inherently Different

The One About Not Necessarily The News

I was just watching the local news here on Maui. Like most local news shows, they try to end the report on a good note and they usually succeed.

Tonight’s “feel good” story was about three little girls ranging from age 5 through 8 who foiled a car theft somewhere in Washington State by alerting their mother of the criminal activity. The funniest part of the whole report was the 8 year-olds claim that she drew a picture of the car thief. It looked something similar to this:

I drew this image since I couldn’t find the original one anywhere online. The actual picture was much worse. The laughs for me began when the officer showed how closely the girls drawing matched the actual suspects mug shot. It didn’t. At all. Not even close. Not even close for a fourth grader. Hell, not even close for a retarded blind person who wasn’t even near the crime scene.

It always cracks me up when someone feels compelled to blow sunshine up a kids ass when they do a good deed. Hell, if I was the cop, I would have arrested the little girl for wasting my time. Perhaps in prison she could learn to draw a fucking picture that resembled something remotely human.