Inherently Different

The One About Three Films for Thursday

Some movies you should do your best to check out when they come out. I’ve read the scripts and they’re pretty damn funny.
Shaun of the Dead Maybe it’s just me but zombie movies are a genre I just can’t get enough of. Really have no idea why, but it is a fact. This could be right up there with Return of the Living Dead for laughs. That it is among the growing library of British films that take American ideas and run in new and interesting directions might have something to do with why I want to see this particular film. Or it could be that the trailer uses an L7 song, I don’t know. But it is a zombie movie.

National Lampoon's Gold DiggersThen of course, there is another National Lampoon film. While I can say that I haven’t been impressed with a National Lampoon film since the original Vacation (Van Wilder was close to being decent) that I have mixed feelings about this one. The idea isn’t novel by any stretch of the imagination but the screenplay reads really funny and the trailer looks ok.

The Life Aquatic Wes Anderson has a reputation for really quirky films dating back to Bottle Rocket. I like his work, especially The Royal Tenenbaums, and since this film employs Bill Murray, Angelica Houston and Owen Wilson, this should be a great bit of dry, whacked out humor.