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Selling Out

I’m thinking of selling out. Putting ads on my site might be a quick and easy way of making the site pay for itself. Not that I’m in a position where it is mandatory that I do so, but having it and not needing it is always preferable to needing it and not having it.

So, ads. There are choices out there when you make the decision to put ads on your site I am discovering. Aside from the big three, there are also others (who probably point people to their site which in turn probably points to one of the big three. It is all about keywords and click through I’m discovering.

Pennies a day. That’s what I can look forward to but, say .50 a day is $3.50 per week. Over 52 weeks, thats $182 a year. My hosting fees are only $69 a year. I’ve just pocketed $113 without really doing anything at all.

Of course, if traffic increases and click throughs on my ads increases, then the possibility of making more also increases. The question is, how to generate the additional traffic?

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