Inherently Different

Gain Without Pain

Tattoos are, in my estimation, more than body adornment. For the most part, they are the ultimate form of commitment. This latest fad, better known as Sleeves, is just plain dumb enough to work.

I’ve got a few tats and the real cool thing about them is the process of designing (or if you’re artistically challenged, choosing) your tattoo. The slight pain you endure is not only an integral part of the process but the only real value that tattoo has once the ink dries (and the scabs heal). Your memory of the stinging sensation and the skin being pulled in every direction to ensure a nice, deep inking is the price you paid for narcissistic pursuit of being “different.”

The worse thing about these tattoo shirts is that tons of fashion conscious sheep will flock to stores to get one. Egads, not even narcissism is safe from consumerism these days…