Inherently Different

A Brief History of Time

Life is rarely ever what it promises to be. As a child, outside of the incessent worrying about this shadow or that noise, the prevailing thought on a new mind is that the world is big. So big that it can’t all be taken in at once. Every turn of the head, every focus of the eyes brings to light a new object requiring attention and definition. Little minds see this vast expanse of possibility and think, �Holy shit, we�re in trouble now!�

At least that was my first thought upon registering life after the womb. Here, for the first time, I had responsibility. I was now in control of my own destiny, well as far as that destiny involved eating and defecating. Granted all I needed to do was speak the universally understood language of screaming for my bidding to be done, but because I needed to do something (cry) for something else to happen (accessing food), I had responsibility for myself. This would unfortunately set a precedent that would have lasting impact on my life.

Responsibility is and has always been, overrated. It is a tried and true fact that the more responsible you are the more likely people are to trust you when the chips are down. Of course, in my experience, that sad fact only yields a growing pile of chips at my feet.

To say I�m irresponsible would be a slight against irresponsible people everywhere. Raised as I was to show respect toward my elders and betters precludes me from taking the flattering mantle of irresponsibility away from the truly deserving. I�ve personally always been partial to indifference.

Yes, I am indifferent to the world around me and the causes that most people marry. Yes, I am indifferent, which is to say that I’m a lot like you. The only difference between us is that I am also honest with myself and to those around me. See, I believe that most people are cowards in that they rarely ever truly admit to much less understand the motivation for the things they do. Take for example the growing legion of young people who “fight the good fight” for equality for women, minorities or whatever fucking finger food is currently on the endangered species list over at the World Wildlife Fund. Most of these moral “warriors” choose to believe that they are: A) making a difference; B) doing whatever it is they are doing for altrustic reasons; and here is the most disturbing thing: C) that the people (or creatures) they are fighting for actually need their help.

Charity is to humanity (and the world at large) as gasoline is to a fire. The more you add, the worse it gets. Charity (and do-gooders and their righteous indignation) are currently undoing thousands of years of evolution. The fact that most of these imbeciles are doing more harm than good is usually lost on them. So, I’m here to tell them.

At the dawn of mankind, certain truths were evident. The strongest (and in most cases, the smartest) lived to fight another day. Creatures of low intellect and physical prowess were consumed by those of higher intellect and physical prowess. It was a big dog eat little dog world and all was good. At some point though, things went to shit. Some big caveperson felt sorry for a little caveperson and allowed that little fucker to live. Suddenly, the gene pool was poisoned by the undeserving. Thousands of years later, here we are. A collection of people who are too worried about “hurting the little guy” to get anything done. Too worried about who gets offended by the things we do and say.

Decisions are no longer based on securing a future for the group as a whole but based on whether or not the apathetic, diseased, disenfranchised, abused, weak or mentally deficient have a fair chance at success. This is in essence what the weak call civilization.

Personally, I believe that if we continue down this path, we’ll inevitably die out. We’ll be to weak, infirm and downright stupid to succeed. This isn’t a racial diatribe unless you believe strength and intelligence are part of racial makeup.