Inherently Different

Get Your War On!

Recently, one of the more traffic’d political blogs, The Daily Kos, was blasted for some pretty insensitive remarks about the freelance warriors (also known as Mercenaries) killed in Fallujah, Iraq.

What he said was pretty insensitive and I’m sure what ever rhetoric he’s spitting out really incensed some people out there… whatever. But, for the record, the men killed, burned and then hung up on bridge? They were mercenaries… that was their job… to fight against insurgents and protect whatever target they were contracted to protect. And the US military forces in Iraq right now? THAT’S THEIR FUCKING JOB! These men and women currently serving in Iraq and Afghanistan are PAID to be warriors… why is it that so many people don’t understand that… as Super Chicken is known to say, “They knew the job was dangerous when they took it!”