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Top 10 Movies I Want To See

Maria Full of Grace: Who can resist watching an attractive Mexican girl smuggling an assload of drugs into the US?
The Corpse Bride: Johnny Dep, Tim Burton & Helena Bonham Carter? What’s not to love?
Collateral: Tom Cruise hires Jamie Fox to drive him around LA so that he can kill various people. Pure genius.
Blade Trinity: Finally we can get to the Nightstalkers featuring Jessica Biel in sweaty, tight leather chaps!
Friday Night Lights: Sports the way they were meant to be played… under the threat of pain and ostracism!
Alien vs Predator: Acid-spewing aliens vs heavily armed cosmic hunters. Where do I sign up?
Hero: Wire Fu. One against thousands. Jet Li. Kick Ass!
Resident Evil: Apocalypse:My zombie fetish is insatiable. Seriously.
Saw: Danny Glover in a movie about a really twisted serial killer.
Suspect Zero: A fantastic script that I read about a year ago. Since then, they’ve fucked it up because some of the pricipals involved got “cold feet” over some of the content. This is one of those train-wreck, can’t help but watching type things for me.

4 thoughts on “Top 10 Movies I Want To See”

  1. How could you forget “Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle!” Sliders, chicks, beer, and Neal Patrick Harris. It has summer blockbuster written all over it.

  2. btw, I saw the Premiere of Harold and Kumar go to Whitecastle – met the actors /writers and directors this past weekend.. not bad, very funny.

  3. omg i cant wait for harold and kumar. good clean fun folks…

    i am not nessesarily a huge zombie fan but i have to say that i fucking really loved ‘dead alive’. did you see that one? a mobile sentient asshole/intestinal track that falls in love with its reflection… GENIUS!

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