Inherently Different

Dumbya Dumbya Bush Part Deux

Iran joined the fight against Al Qaeda and now it begs a question. How much money has the US spent in the war on terror? I wonder if that money wouldn’t have been better used by just putting huge bounties on the heads of the Al Qaeda organization. Think about it… let’s say that the US has spent $166 billion (mentioned in this source) waging war on Al Qaeda terrorists and there are 12 Al Qaeda members who are listed on the most wanted list. If the US had just said, “Look, these are the 12 men we want. For each head, certified as one of the members of the list, we’ll pay you 13 billion.

I can pretty much guarantee that Osama bin Laden would be in custody. There wouldn’t be a terrorist cell in existence and we could, as a country, focus on more pressing matters. Like finding a viable cure for the aging process to prevent Bruce Willis from getting older!