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The One About My Maui Guide

In case you’re at all interested, two things to report. One: I’m trying to break into the hospitality industry. Two: On the right sidebar, you’ll see a link titled, “About Maui,” which you’ll find useful if you ever plan a trip to Maui. I’m working on a more complete list of all the islands in Hawaii, but for now, Maui will have to do.

4 thoughts on “The One About My Maui Guide”

  1. There are times when it is cheaper to travel to the islands. August through September is considered “slow season” as are May through June. Hotels, airfare and activities are cheaper at these times. Plus, if you know someone who lives on the island, you can get Kama ‘aina rates which are locals only rates.

  2. Ha! Well, we have to move from our current house in December. If we find a place with a suitable guest accomodation, there will be opportunity for friends and family to visit us free of charge! Keep your fingers crossed pylorns.

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