Inherently Different

The One Where Tourists Speak

Location: Starbucks
Two tourists, married I think. The woman looks like she is New Jersey 50 which is to say that she must be 40 or so, but hard living, cigarettes and a bad attitude have taken their toll. She is wearing a BUSH/CHENEY t-shirt. The man is in shorts, a HUGE hawaiian shirt, is overweight, balding and brow-beaten by years of spousal abuse.

Her: Seriously, I can’t fucking wait to get back home to the states. These fucking indians don’t know how to treat customers!
Him: We’re in Hawaii. This is part of the United States. These here ain’t indians, they’re hawaiians.
Her: Did I ask you? Did I? Who fucking cares where we are. The point is that they shouldn’t let these ingrates into OUR country.
Him: This IS their country. We took it over a long time ago.
Her: Oh, what do you know?

Ahhh, nothing like a Republican on vacation.

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