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The One About the 5 Worst Remakes of All-time

Another day, another list. Lazy? You’d be surprised how much work goes into one of these lists. Without further adieu:

5. Vanilla Sky Cameron Crowe’s nightmare comes true… he turns a good Spanish movie, Abre Los Ojos, into a mediocre American one.
4. Mighty Joe Young: Not even the beautiful and talented Charlize Theron can save this monkey movie from itself.
3. From Here to Eternity: Actually a mini-series starring William Devane and Natalie Wood. Who ever greenlighted this piece of crap should be fed piecemeal to a swimming pool filled with sharks.
2. The Manchurian Candidate: The original was a classic. I’m not sure what Denzel was thinking other than, “I’m getting paid!”
1. Alfie: Jude Law is arguably one of the most intriguing actors in recent memory, but even he can’t save this film from becoming incredibly boring. In the original, Michael Caine brought an interesting dimension to the title character that is sorely lacking from Jude’s performance.

I think that if you can’t bring something new to the table, you should never try to remake a film, especially a classic. There are other films that could be argued onto this list, but for what it is worth, these are my picks. Sometimes, remakes can be better than the originals… that list tomorrow.

1 thought on “The One About the 5 Worst Remakes of All-time”

  1. I saw Mighty Joe Young as a double-feature with A Bug’s Life.

    I loved A Bug’s Life and have absolutely no memory of Mighty Joe Young.

    I think I may have seen the porno Mighty Joe Hung too but I am not certain.

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