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The One About Where I Am

MountainsAs I was getting everything squared away here on v5 of my blog, it dawned on me that I’m not very nice to people when they fail to meet my expectations. Ok, that’s not true. I have a general disrespect for most people, but I hide it really well when I want to. That said, I have no problem exhibiting contempt when dealing with telemarketers, support techs, customer reps, salespeople, and account executives to name but a few.

I moved to Maui for a number of reasons, but perhaps the biggest surprise was that I don’t run into morons very often. That isn’t to say that the general population of this island is better educated than that of the mainland. In fact, less than 26% of adults who live in Hawaii have a bachelor’s or higher, compared to California where that number is 29%. While the difference is minor, the result is that most Hawaiians (and I’m speaking of full-time residents and not of racial makeup) don’t feel there is a need to beat you over the head with their intellectual superiority.

On the mainland, I ran into a number of people who made it a point to tell me where they went to school, what degree they pursued, what their political view was, etc. In most cases, all the person was doing was raising my expectations to the point that the moment they showed any mental lapses, I’d label them morons.

If you’re a telemarketer, support tech, customer rep, salesperson, or account executive, I’m mostly writing about you. There is a special place on the 9th level of hell reserved just for you.

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