Inherently Different

oops she did it again

Britney Say what you will about Britney Spears music, but her taste in men has always been suspect. Justin Timberlake is a momma’s boy, but at least it appears as though he bathes regularly, unlike her current, but soon-to-be ex, Kevin Federline who often looks like he takes showers in Vincent Gallo‘s sweat.

The fact that she had people on her staff smart enough to recognize Federline for the leech that he was is the only reason she will walk away from the marriage losing about $30k as opposed to $30 Million… which is what COULD have happened if there wasn’t a pre-nup. Federline, for his part, will go down in history as the guy who inseminated Spears and walked away with pretty much nothing.

In all honesty, that Federline is in the process of suing Spears for full custody of his kids speaks volumes about his mindset. I mean, the fucker barely interacts with his other two kids from a previous relationship, and he wants custody of the two children he had with Spears… If I was the judge, the first thing I would ask is why he didn’t sue for full custody of his first two children? Why these two? Clearly it’s a ploy to get more from Spears.

Don’t get me wrong… I am not adverse to accepting money from my sig other… if two people are working toward a common goal, I figure that eventually it all comes out in the wash. If I was married to someone who made millions though, and the relationship came to an end… I’d walk with what i came in with… pride would just not let me take money I had nothing to do with accumulating.

All I really have to say is the fucking douche bag is from Fresno! The only thing that comes out of Fresno is hair dressers and raisins… I find it oddly entertaining to hear Federline expound on his "rough hood" credentials… he’s from fucking Fresno… it’s like claimin you’re an OG from mean streets of Piedmont, CA… What a cocksucker…